Levi’s Story

Levi’s Story

My watch isn’t very expensive but it is very handy. I’ve had it for close to five or six years. I got it at an outlet sale for around $14. It has a day and a date and when I want to know the time at night, you press a button and it lights up. I find it really useful and really neat. I collect other watches when I go travelling; I have watches from the Philippines and Singapore, but I always go to this watch. The value is not the monetary value, but to me it means quite a bit. There is a rosary from my grandmother in the Philippines that I wear with my watch. It reminds me of her and I like having it there. About two years ago, I think the way I was holding up my wrist; I was pushing it against the light and the watch stopped. I took it out, cleaned it up, put the battery back in, and it started working again. It still works and I’m surprised that it’s been going for such a long time. The efficiency behind the battery versus the mechanics of it is something to admire, because batteries don’t usually last that long. I carry a cellphone, but [the watch] is right there. It’s a little scratched up, but I like the clarity behind it, I like Arabic numerals, the fact that it says day and date. The arms are see-through, so even if it is covering a day and date you can see through it.

The rosary is from my grandmother Luisa. I visited her this past February for my birthday and she was happy to see me. She’s turning 99 this year and we’re supposed to have a big gathering of my relatives next year for her 100th birthday. She lives in the Philippines and continues to manage her own coffee farm, while her sons and employees take care of the livestock. In the morning at her house, it’s the best smell ever. Mind you, I don’t drink coffee, it’s not my thing, but it smells phenomenal. My grandma is a very strong woman. She always wants me to move back to the Philippines and [this rosary] reminds me of my grandma any time I see her.

Telephones and cellular phones are informative, but they lack…feeling. Both the watch and the rosary mean a lot to me, so I’ll always carry them around.

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  1. I like your story, about a watch and a rosary, two objects of small monetary value but of great sentimental value to you , and you telling us about it . Your story speaks to all of us and of all of us. Some of our attachments may seem silly, even to ourselves but you are telling us. it is not so.
    Happy 100th Birthday Grammother.

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