Show, Tell, Bridge is a SSHRC-funded project exploring how objects and storytelling can build bridges among individuals to foster community. How do we share our stories with others, and can we use mementos to find commonalities as a group? In partnership with the Toronto Public Library (TPL), the research team invites participants to talk individually and in a small group setting about an object, photograph, drawing, or other “something” of importance to them. Together and individually, participants are given the opportunity to document their stories online and draw connections between their experiences and those of others as well as with resources available at the TPL and elsewhere. Outcomes from the research will be used to design similar programs and services for others in settings beyond the public library where finding commonality among diversity may be important.

Stories documented through this project can be viewed on the website's "Stories" page. While the focus of the research is aimed primarily at in-person program facilitation, all visitors to the website are encouraged to engage with the stories and draw connections with their own lives. Individuals interested in sharing a story of their own should contact Lynne Howarth at lynne.howarth@utoronto.ca.